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Dallas Hosts Free Fitness Classes Daily


Yogis -- new and old -- came out to Dallas Yoga Center's community class at Klyde Warren Park despite the gray skies. Photo: Joyce Manalo

Dallasites and Metroplexers, save those gym membership bucks. The weather is warming up and you can re-energize your solo workouts by sweating it out with fellow health seekers like you. There are great options for free group fitness classes every day of the week in Dallas.

Once you start showing up to these free group fitness events, you can reallocate those dollars to a studio you really want go to; eat more organic food; bump up your wellness with massages or reward yourself with fresh green juice from local juice shops. It’s a multi-pronged strategy to boost your happiness and health.

I am very grateful for Klyde Warren Park, We Run Big D, Dallas Fitness Ambassadors, Eventbrite and Meetup for consistently listing free group fitness events each week. Please check out their page, do a little research, mark your calendar and lace up.

To sweeten the experience, some benevolent studios offer free class passes from time to time. When you sign up and go, you can get a feel for their space, what they offer and the regulars they attract. So if you can't make it to one of times below, you can look at the studio website and choose the right date and time for you. Sweet deal!

The more you go, the more familiar your face becomes, the more friends you make, the more energy you feel, and the more fit your body gets. This leads to less body fat, more lean muscle and lower risk for heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

If this is your first time getting back into being active, please consult with your physician to determine how much you should exert. If you can't wait, simply go at your own pace and keep your body moving!

My suggestion is to be open minded and check out the (serial) events in the next few weeks. Try to commit to at least one or two this week to attend. Reconfirm the times and dates of the other classes on their respective online pages the following week and make your own free group fitness weekly workout schedule.

I curated nearly 20 free classes from Monday, 3/20 to Sunday, 3/26 with times and links. If you want to check out a few of these this week, by all means, don't let the schedule below hold you back. Just double-check the date and time.

Here is a week’s worth of free group fitness classes taking place in The Big D:

Monday, 3/20
6-7PM: V3 with Vital Fitness at Klyde Warren Park (Mondays)
7-8PM: Track Night with We Run Big D at various locations (Mondays)

Tuesday, 3/21 
6-7PM Pilates in the Park at Klyde Warren Park (Tuesdays)
Bonus Event: Every 2nd Tuesday, 7PM at Shake Shack Uptown there's 2.5 running club + one free pint!

Wednesday, 3/22
6:15-7:15AM Circuit Training with We Run Big D at Dallas Opera House (Wednesdays)
6-7PM Stretch and Tone at Klyde Warren Park (Wednesdays)
7-8PM Yoga with The Mat Yoga Studio at Athleta (RSVP, Wednesdays)
Bonus Event: 9-11AM Stadium Workout with We Run Big D at Dallas FC’s Toyota Stadium

Thursday, 3/23
6:15-7:15AM Circuit Training with We Run Big D at W Hotel Dallas (Thursdays)
5:30-6:30PM Yoga with We Yogis at Klyde Warren Park (Thursdays)

Friday, 3/24
6:15-7:15AM Hills for Breakfast with We Run Big D at Continental Avenue Bridge (Fridays)

Saturday, 3/25
8:30-9:30AM VBarre Burn Community Class at Athleta (RSVP)
9:30AM-10:30AM Harwood Yoga with Colby Ranae Hanks at Mercat Bistro & St. Anne’s (RSVP, Saturdays)
10-11AM Yoga with Dallas Yoga Center at Klyde Warren Park (Saturdays)
10-11AM Yoga with special guest at Jade and Clover (Saturdays)
Bonus Event: 9AM-2PM Pugh Training Open House (Football Workout) in Richardson (RSVP)

Sunday, 3/26
9-10AM Community Yoga Class at Athleta (Sundays)
10-11AM Core Fusion with Exhale Dallas at Klyde Warren Park (Sundays)
10-11AM Yoga with Exhale Dallas at Klyde Warren Park (Sundays)
11:30-12:30AM Afrikan Dance with Fihankra Dance & Fitness Studio at Klyde Warren Park

Do you have any other tips? Please share in the comments below.

Joyce Manalo, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, believes that living a happy and healthy life is a choice. She primarily works with advertising, healthcare and law professionals who feel the need to take better care of themselves so they can crush it at work and at home. Click here to schedule a free health history session.